Kharise Francis, queen of Spitafields.

There’s nothing you can’t find in Spitafields Market, the heart of Shoreditch: vintage items, bric-a-brac between which you can rummage for hours, food (loads of food), old vynils unknown bands that you just can choose and buy according to their cover and hope for the best, shoddy chinese pieces and the works of emerging designers taking […]


Electric Feel.

Super quick post today. These days are all about studying harder and harder ’cause I’m desperately trying to prepare two exams. Those who already know me, also must have noticed that some of my greatest obsessions are blazers, jackets and coats. This electric blue coat is one of my favorite, it’s so classy and powerful that it’s […]


Make it double.

Hi my dear twentyfive readers (I feel a bit like Manzoni writing like that, with the only difference that I actually may have just twentyfive readers)! As you can see I finally decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, it’s been tough, I must admit, but I made it and I’m quite satisfied about the […]


Blister in the sun.

March has come, spring’s coming and everyone’s happy. Yep, ok, but it’s so damn cold. So it’s still time for wearing furs, isn’t it? I bought this kinda pelted peluche at Zara something like five years ago – I think, actually I don’t have a good memory and not even a reliable perception of time, […]


Leo fur.

The 20s did were roaring for the actress Marian Nixon who didn’t just wear leopard, but used to take a real live one for walks on a leash! And in almost a century of history, leopard print has come a long way: if, during the 50s-60s, it was seen as a symbol of the sophisticated elegance […]